Beddome OOP

There can be little doubt that Beddome has become an unjustly neglected figure. While never a giant of Particular Baptist history, he was certainly a shining light and the fact that hardly any of his writings are currently in print is an anomaly that ought not to continue. In an age when so much material from previous centuries is back in print, it is a shame that no-one has seen fit to produce a volume containing the best of his hymns and sermons. A full biography is probably not feasible or necessary but a long memoir accompanied by, say, the best one hundred of his hymns and the best 50 of his sermons and perhaps some extracts from his catechism and letters, with suitable annotations, (Holmes includes 6 letters from 1759, 1760 published in the Evangelical Magazine in his Appendix 23) would make a fine volume of interest chiefly to Reformed Baptists but also to all who love the Word of God as Beddome himself did.
This is the conclusion of the essay I wrote a few years ago on which this blog has so far been largely based. A fine Baptist historian has recently been in touch with me about pursuing the proposal and hopefully it will be possible to do something in the next few years.
Watch this space.


Allen R. Mickle, Jr. said...


I'll look forward to that volume! I also have a sneaky suspicion i know which Baptist Historian is interested in it!

God bless,

Allen Mickle

Gary Brady said...

I missed this sorry. Your instincts sound right. Hope the Lord leads you to something soon. Wesley says somewhere suspense is good for us. Easy to say!