Hymn Come, Lord Jesus

This is a hymn about the Second Coming. The opening line is very striking as is the way Beddome handles the subject. By our day some of his rhymes (ie plaint, ball, bespeaks, maze) don't quite work. Ball and maze are now so tied to the idea of sport and recreation their more abstract meanings are almost lost. Hymn 261 mentions 'the mazy deeps of hell' here. The phrase 'aspiring saint' has changed its meaning too. The 'longing soul' appears in Ps 107:9. 'He bears his children home' powerfully combines ideas found in Luke 15.

786 Come, Lord Jesus SM

I COME, the Saviour cries,
Ye longing souls, I come;
Then gently through the yielding skies,
He bears his children home.

2 Long has the aspiring saint
Stood waiting for the call,
And joyful now without a 'plaint,
Can leave this empty ball.

3 His cheerful look bespeaks,
A soul prepared to die;
Through all its bonds the spirit breaks,
Nor gives a parting sigh.

4 Of God and heaven possessed,
He now forgets his cares;
Nor sorrow more disturbs his rest,
Nor sin revives his fears.

5 But careless sinners, who
In slumbers spend their days,
Shall pass through scenes of various woe,
In one eternal maze.

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