Hymn Joys of Salvation

This is another very experiential hymn that moves from 'God’s cheering presence' withdrawn to 'The wonders of restoring grace'. The phrase 'object of my love' in reference to God is in Dryden.

190 Joys of Salvation LM

God’s cheering presence once withdrawn
My life, my joy, my all is gone,
Restless from place to place I rove,
To seek the object of my love.

2 But when he makes his face to shine,
And gently whispers “I am thine”;
My joys revive, my fears are fled,
And faith lifts up its fainting head.

3 No longer then can I conceal,
The rapturous pleasure which I feel;
But heart and lips and life express
The wonders of restoring grace.

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