Beddome Sermons Volume 1

The first edition of Beddome's sermons printed appeared in 1805, printed in Dunstable, some 8 years after his death. Entitled Twenty short discourses adapted to village life it was republished in 1807 and by 1824 was in its sixth edition. That first edition contained sermons on these texts with these titles.

Psalm 139:23 Self-examination
Psalm 139:24 Self-examination
Luke 24:29 Desireableness of Christ's presence
Luke 14:18 Sinful excuses answered
Luke 7:38 The Penitent
Romans 2:15 The power of conscience
Isaiah 42:3 Compassion of Christ
Jeremiah 13:27 The Necessity of holiness
John 9:25 The Important Question
Hebrews 2:3 Waiting on God
Psalm 142:4 The Christian's complaint
Acts 3:8 An impotent man
Mark 14:8 Motives to usefulness
Luke 22:11, 12 The Last Passover
Luke 5:8 Peter's Confession
Matthew 2:8 Hypocrisy exposed
2 Corinthians 5:2o Reconciliation to God
2 Timothy 3:2 Self-love
John 8:9 Spiritual convictions
Psalm 119:66 The excellence of the Law

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