Beddome Sermons Volume 2

The first edition of the second volume of "Twenty short discourses" appeared, again from Dunstable, in 1807, and reached its sixth (London) edition by 1825. These are the texts addressed with the given titles.
John 6:63 The influence of the Spirit
Psalm 81:10 Motives to enduring prayer
Psalm 63:8 The Christian's pursuit
Ezekiel 20:35 The spiritual wilderness
Revelation 3:20 The Heavenly Stranger
Revelation 3:20 The Heavenly Stranger Received
Psalm 109:21 The Christian's Prayer
Revelation 6:7, 8 Views of death
John 17:16 The distinguishing character of the Christian
Joel 2:14 Encouragements to hope
Isaiah 65:20 The aged sinner
Matthew 28:5 Seeking the Lord
Psalm 142:7 Spiritual bondage
Luke 7:42 Free forgiveness
1 Timothy 1:8 The right use of the Law
Galatians 6:7 The danger of self-deception
Psalm 77:10 Spiritual infirmities
Acts 24:25 The sin and danger of delay in matters of religion
Jeremiah 13:12 The justice of future punishment

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