Bristol Contemporaries

Roger Hayden's book Continuity and Change includes a list of Bristol students 1720-1791. Beddome was a student for only a relatively short time but his contemporaries seem to have been as follows.
1. Joshua Andrews (1708-1793) A Welshman who later ministered back in Wales. On June 3 1769 there was a collection for him at Bourton (see Church Book) "a poor minister near Abergavenny".
2. John Beasley (fl 1720-1765) Pastor Abingdon (1742-45) Wantage (1745-57)
3. Edward Cooke (fl 1730-1770) Pastor at Pershore
4. Caleb Evans (?-1778) A lesser known Caleb. Half brother to Hugh Evans. He became a school master back in Wales.
5. David Evans (?-1786) Welsh. He supplied the Bourton pulpit before Beddome. He went on to Hook Norton (1739-48) Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire (1749-1751) and Biggleswade.
6. Evan Jenkins (1712-1752) Welsh. Various pastorates
7. John Poynting (1719-1791) Followed his father Isaac in Worcester 1741-1791
8. Joseph Stennett (1717-1769) Son of Dr Joseph, brother of Samuel, all pastors. After working with his father he was pastor at Coate, Oxfordshire, 1742-1769
9. Benjamin Vaughan (d 1789) Welsh. Became a Sandemanian.
10. Isaac Woodman (1715-1777) The one baptised in Broadmead, 1735. Pastor in Warwick and Leicester
We may also note that Thomas Flower Jr (1706-1767) son of the Bourton minister prior to Beddome (Thomas Flower Sen died in 1740) was in Bristol just before Beddome. He was at Horsley for 4 or 5 years before becoming pastor in London for eight years but then switching to the corn trade, which earned him the sobriquet "Worldly-minded Flower".
So five Welshmen, one local man, a Londoner and three others. Beddome was in his early twenties as was Stennett. Woodman was slightly older, Poynting slightly younger. Andrews and Jenkins were a few years older. With Beasley, Cooke, Vaughan and the two Evans's we cannot be sure.

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