We will seek to add to this from time to time.
(1673 Birth of mother Rachel; 1674 Birth of father John in Warwickshire. He later moved to London; 1697 September 19 John becomes assistant pastor back in Warwickshire)
1717 Jan­u­a­ry 23 Born Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire. (Birth of Anne Steele)
1718 [1] Birth brother Joseph (later moves to America)
1720 [3] Year church covenant made at Bourton
1721-23 [4-6] (1723 Birth Ryland)
1724 [7] Move to Bristol
1726 [9] Death grandmother Mercy Neckless
1727 [10] Death Peter Kitterell, Broadmead; coming of Foskett to Bristol, who lived with Beddomes
1728-30 [11-13]
1731 [14] March 23 Death Aunt Rachel Cope
(1732 Birth future wife Elizabeth Boswell)
1733 (Future father-in-law Richard Boswell baptised). Ap­pren­ticed to a sur­geon in Bris­tol
1734-1736 [17-19]
1737 [20] (Bromsgrove) August 7 Mr Ware of Chesham visiting minister. Preaches on Luke 15:7. Beddome for the first time, deeply impressed. Made him weep for some weeks after. Becomes student at Bristol Academy under Foskett.
1738 [21] (Worcester) Still at Bristol. Enigma poem in Ladies Diary (Bazley leaves Pithay Church)
1739 [22] (Alcester) Moves to Lon­don to study at Independent Academy. September 27 Baptised by Samuel Wilson. Joins Bap­tist church Pres­cott Street.
1740 [23] (Birmingham) January 9/February 28 First sermons in London. Recognised. Spring Death of Thomas Flower at Bourton. May 26 Letter from parents. Beddome begins to preach at Bour­ton. Called as pastor.
1741 [24] (Pershore) Awakening in Bourton. Forty converted, including Ryland (bap Oct 2). Nothing suitable being found elsewhere, work began on a fine new and commodious manse just the other side of the Windrush in Bourton.
1742 [25] (Warwick) May 17 Letter from father to son on improving preaching. Dec 23 Sends letter courting Anne Steele.
1743 [26] (Leominster) April 5-7 Preaches for the first time at Midland Association. May Some 48 new people join church, bringing membership to 113. Accepts Bourton pastorate. September 23 Ordained. Joseph Stennett preaches, Foskett gives charge.
1744 [27] (Tewkesbury) (Death of tutor John Eames). Year William Palmer moves Olney to Bourton.
1745 [28] (Bridgnorth) May 18 Ryland says in diary, it was on this day, after a year's study in Bristol, that BB told him of Bourton church's desire to see if he was fit for the ministry. Saturday, May 25 Rides over to Horsley to preach (Rev 19:8). Wet. Ryland accompanies him part way to talk.
1746 [29] (Bromsgrove) February 28 and subsequently Ryland preaches at Bourton. April 4 Bourton church calls Ryland to ministry, although there is a little delay at his request. May 20, 21 Midland Association meetings. Moderator. Catechising commended.
1747 [30] (Upton)
1748 [31] (Bourton) Chapel extended. October Invited to join father in Bristol. Declines.
1749 [32] (Bromsgorve) April 26-28 Midland Association meetings. Moderator. September Moves into manse alone. Dec 11 Marries Elizabeth Boswell (1732–1784) daughter of Bourton deacon Richard. Severe six weeks illness and composition of perhaps his first hymn.
1750 [33] (Warwick) Jan 7 Birth of first child John Reynolds (d 1765, London). Death Samuel Wilson and call to London. Declines but calling goes on into 1751 before it ends. Chapel extension strengthened.
1751 [34] (Tewkesbury) (June William Snook marries Frances Seward)
1752 [35] (Birmingham) Feb 27 Writes preface to Scriptural Ex­position of Baptist Catechism, by Way of Quest­ion & Answer. (Death fellow minister Evan Jenkins, 40. William Snooke moves to Manor House, Bourton.) July 12 Collection for Brother Whitewood of Reading.
1753 [36] (Bourton) Assocaiton meetings in August? (February Richard Hall marries Eleanor Seward) Birth Benjamin Jr (d 1778, Edinburgh)
1754 [37] (Worcester) (Jan 29 Death Elizabeth Seward, second wife of Benjamin, 58)
1755 [38] (Bromsgrove) June 18 Fast day (French War) Aug 13 Fast day (War and harvest)
1756 [39] (Bridgnorth) Birth Samuel Beddome (d 1815)
1757 [40] (Upton) March 23 Death of mother, Rachel, 62 April 22 Fast day (French War) Oct 24 Death of father, John, 83 Oct 29 Death of Elizabeth’s mother Hannah, 60. Died from a fever.
1758 [41] (Alcester) (Feb 7 Death Joseph Stennett Bath, Sep 17 Death Bernard Foskett, 74) Birth Foskkett Beddome (d 1784) Dec 26 Note about books from sister Mary
1759 [42] (Pershore) Midland Association meetings in June? BB author of Association Letter. Newton hears him in Warwick. Two letters extant (Jul, Oct)
1760 [43] (Leominster) May 11 Collection for Bro Hall and Arnesby people. Four letters extant (May July Sep Dec)
1761 [44] (Bengeworth)
1762 [45] (Warwick) Period of personal spiritual depression. Letter from Daniel Turner.
1763 [46] (Tewkesbury) Birth Boswell Brandon (d 1816). Chapel burial ground enlarged and gallery stairs put outside.
1764 [47] (Birmingham) Preaches with Ash at Midland Association. (Bourton) Church further enlarged.
1765 [48] Birth daughter Elizabeth (m Samuel Favell 1799 d 1830). Association meetings in Bourton (August). Writes association letter. Death son John Reynolds.
1766 [49] January Nathaniel Rawlins (d 1809), member at Bourton, settled as pastor at Back Street Chapel, Trowbridge. (May 25 Death of Frances Hall nee Seward) Nov 9 Collection for fire Montreal, Canada
1767 [50] (Worcester) April Visit of Samson Occom and Eleazar Wheelock (June 4 William Snook remarries (Anne)) June (?) Preached at Association. (Death Thomas Flower Jr, 61).
1768 [51] (Bromsgrove) Snooke diary reveals many preaching texts, etc. (April Pub Reign of Grace; May d Richard Haynes)
1769 [52] (Upton) Feb 4 13 hymns ap­pear in the Bris­tol Bap­tist Col­lect­ion of Ash and Ev­ans. Birth son Richard (d 1794). June 3 Collection in Bourton for Joshua Andrews in Wales. Death son John. (Death Joseph Stennett, only 27). Oct-Dec Snooke's diary reveals some things
1770 [53] (Bewdley) Preaches at Midland Association. Receives honorary MA de­gree from Prov­i­dence Coll­ege, Rhode Is­land. June 3 Collection for Joshua Andrews Abergavenny (prompted by Joshua Thomas, Leominster)
1771 [54] (Alcester) Midland Association meetings. Moderator.
1772 [55] (Leominster) Nov Letter to H Keen extant
1773 [56] (Pershore) June (?) Preached at Association.
1774 [57] (-1788) ‘Double lecture’ established six months in every year with the churches at Abingdon, Cirencester, Coate, Fairford and Wantage. Snooke Diary available.
1775 [58] (Dudley) Snooke Diary available.
1776 [59] (Tewkesbury) Preaches at Association. Second ed of Exposition on the Baptist Catechism. Nov 13 Fast day (American War)
1777 [60] (Birmingham) William Wilkins becomes assistant to Beddome. (Death pastor Isaac Woodman, 62).
1778 [61] (Warwick) Sunday Jan 4 Death son Dr Benjamin in Edinburgh (Beddome did not hear until later but had the congregation sing his hymn "My times are in thy hands") June (?) Preaches at Association. (Nov 11 Death Anne Steele).
1779 [62] (Cirencester) Birth son Josephus (d 1835)
1780 [63] (Worcester) May (?) Preaches at Association. Gives Robert Hall an opportunity to preach.
1781 [64] (Upton) Dec 13 Wilkins angrily resigns. Son Samuel m Jane Wilkins.
1782 [65] (Bewdley). Birth grand daughter (by Samuel) Mary Ann.
1783 [66] (Bromsgrove) From the beginning of this year Beddome confined to his home by gout. Birth (by Samuel) grand daughter Elizabeth.
1784 [67] (Hook Norton) Jan 21 Death wife Elizabeth. Birth grandson (by Samuel) Benjamin. Preaches at Association in Hook Norton. Oct 20 Death of son Foskett, drowned at Deptford
1785 [68] (Bourton)
1786 [69] (Alcester) Preaches at Association. Son Boswell Brandon m Anne Wilkins. (d minister David Evans). Birth grand daughter (by Samuel) Jane (d 1788). Dec Letter from Reynolds.
1787 [70] (Leominister) 36 hymns appear in Rippon's Selection. No church meeting for 3 months due to hay and corn harvests. Aug 24 William Carey preaches at Bourton. Birth (by Benjamin Brandon) grandson John Reynolds.
1788 [71] (Pershore) Death grand daughter Jane. Birth (by Benjamin Brandon) grandson William Wilkins
1789 [72] (Evesham) June (?) Attends last Association meeting. Preaches Php 4:3. Other preacher Wm Dore. Letter available. (Death of Benjamin Vaughan who had become Sandemanian.) Birth (by Benjamin Brandon) grand daughter Anne.
1790 [73] (Tewkesbury)
1791 [74] (Ross) Wilkins resigns. (Death John Poynting, minister at Worcester, 72). Birth grandson and grand daughter (by Samuel) Samuel Archdale and Sarah. Birth (by Boswell Brandon) grandson Samuel.
1792 [75] (Upton) (Death J C Ryland). Final visit to London. Oct 25 Amends will. Birth (by Boswell Brandon) grand daughter Jane.
1793 [76] (Bond St, Birmingham) Beddome expresses doubts as to wisdom of mounting an overseas mission. (Death Joshua Andrews in Wales). Birth (by Samuel) grand daughter Jane Reynolds
1794 [77] (Coseley) Death of brother Joseph in America and son Richard. Birth (by Boswell Brandon) grandson Boswell Brandon.
1795 [78] (Shiffnal) Aug 23 preaches last sermon at Bourton (Hos 5:6); Sep 23 Death in Bourton. Buried in the Baptist meeting-house graveyard. Also death son Richard.
(1797 [Wolverhampton] Bourton call a Mr Uppadene; 1799 Death William Snooke; 1800 [Worcester] Bourton call Thomas Coles; 1805 Publication of first volume of sermons; 1807-1820 As many as eight volumes published; 1815 Death son Samuel; 1816 Death son Boswell Brandon; 1817 Posthu­mous col­lect­ion of his hymns pub­lished, Hymns Adapted to Pub­lic Wor­ship or Family Devotion, con­tain­ing 830 piec­es. Several posthumous volumes of his sermons were also printed; 1825 New editions of sermons still coming out; 1835 Collection of 67 unpublished sermons with memoir published)

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