Hayden 01

Bristol trained ministers who served in Midland Association churches (See footnote page 44).

John Ash (1724-1779) Pershore (followed Cooke)
Benjamin Beddome (1717-1795) Bourton
Edward Cooke (fl 1746-1770) Pershore
John Poynting (1719-1791) Worcester
Isaac Woodman (1715-1777) Warwick; Sutton in Elms, Leicester

Could add
Samuel Pearce (1766-1799) Birmingham
John Reynolds (1731-1792) Cirencester 1750-61, went on to London
John Ryland Jr (1723-1792) Warwick 1746-59, went on to Northampton
Elisha Smith (1754-1819) Campden and Shipston then Stow

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