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Hayden quotes from Rippon (pages 71, 72) who says on John Ryland (to quote Rippon himself)
Many years pastor of the Baptist Church at Northampton, was well known, and highly esteemed, by his acquaintance, both in London, which he often visited, and in most parts of the kingdom. He was born Oct 14, 1723. When a youth he was proverbially gay, and spent his early days in folly and sin: but in the spring of 1741, the Lord met with him in mercy, at a time of general awakening in the Baptist congregation at Bourton on the Water, then under the pastoral care of the Rev Benjamin Beddome, MA. when about 40 persons were brought under serious impressions at the same time Mr Beddome baptised him, Oct 14, 1741, (Hayden has Oct 2) received him into the church, and, observing an uncommon sprightliness in his genius and animated piety, gradually led him forward to the work of the ministry, with the fostering hand of a wise and kind parent; laying laying a plan, without his knowledge, for his going through a course of academical studies in the Baptist seminary at Bristol, then under the presidency of the Reverend Bernard Foskett.
When the intention was fully made known to Mr Ryland, he felt an unusual degree of concern and retlessness; as his private diary of that and of subsequent life sufficiently evinces.
Hayden quotes Ryland's diary
"At 6 went with Mr Benja Beddome towards Mr Thompson's and he told me what I had never before heard that I should go to Bourton for Mr Beddome and the church to prove me and if they thought me capable and worthy of the Ministerial work - to call me out - and then for Mr Foskett - (after I returned) to correct and instruct me in the composure of sermons"
Bourton called Ryland in the Spring of 1746.

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