Hayden 04

Hayden has a section on Beddome (pages 80-92).
He suggests that he was involved in medical studies with Foskett (always writing prescriptions for people) first before switching to theology. Hayden calls him "witty and vivacious". He then gives the story, as found elsewhere on this blog, of Beddome's conversion, baptism, call and settling at Bourton. He gives the date for the building of the manse as early as 1741. He also mentions how early on the Stow church (23 members) officially disbanded and Beddome agreed to supply once a month with the Lord's Supper once a quarter.
He then spends some pages on the London call.
On page 87 he says that Beddome discovered Jonathan Edwards early on and may have been the one who introduced Ryland to him. The distinguishing marks of 1741 was in his Library by April 1742.
Referring to the church books, he mentions the strong Association involvement and visits from other ministers. As examples he mentions
July 12, 1752 Collection for Bro Whitewood of Reading
May 11, 1760 Collection for Bro Hall and Arnsby people
November 9, 1766 For fire in Montreal, Canada
June 3, 1770 For Joshua Andrews of Abergavenny (prompted by Joshua Thomas Leominster)
He also mentions fast days
June 18, 1756 French War
August 13, 1756 War and harvest
April 22, 1757 French War
November 13, 1776 American War
The last a recurring theme.

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