Hayden 06

On page 88 Hayden also quotes the Bourton church book of April 20, 1781, referring to Turner of Abingdon at the double lecture in Abingdon speaking of revival among Baptists in South Carolina. Some 851 had been baptised.
Hayden goes on to write about the double lecture established among the churches (Abingdon, Fairford, Wantage, Cirencester, Cote and Bourton) 1774-1788. In the six summer months there would be a double lecture (an older and a younger minister preaching) at each of the churches in turn. He gives a typical list for 1774

Fairford: [James] Biggs [Wantage] and [Daniel] Turner [Abingdon] [April]
Wantage: Caleb Evans [Bristol] and Joseph Stennett [London] [May]
Cote: Beddome and Biggs [June]
Cirencester: [Samuel] Dunscombe [Cheltenham] and Turner [July]
Bourton: Biggs and Turner [August]
Abingdon: [Thomas] Davis [Fairford] and Beddome [September]
He gives other details and says that Beddome was usually preaching twice a year at these meetings.

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