Preface to Catechism

This is the preface to Beddome's Catechism
The Paedobaptist churches having been long furnished with many useful and instructive expositions of their catechism, and something of the same nature being greatly wanted amongst those of the Baptist persuasion, I was at length induced, by the pressing solicitations of many of my friends, to compose the following, in imitation of Mr Henry's, which was published with great acceptance several years ago.
When we consider the melancholy state of those churches and families, where catechising is entirely thrown aside, how much many of them have degenerated from the faith, and others from the practice of the gospel; little need to be said in vindication of this exercise to those, in whom a zeal for both still remains, and I hope will be ever increasing. May the great God smile upon this faint attempt for his glory, and may that church especially, to which I stand related, accept it as a small acknowledgment of their many favours, and a token of the sincerest gratitude and affection, from
Their willing, though unworthy servant in the gospel of our Lord Jesus,
Benjamin Beddome
Burton upon the Water
February 27, 1752

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