Reynolds on Beddome's Catechism

In an American edition of Beddome's Catechism in 1849 J L Reynold's introduces Beddome then the original Catechism by Keach or Collins. He also says
It is scarcely necessary to say any thing in praise of Beddome's Exposition. The judgement of his brethren has been so often expressed in its favour, and their appreciation of its value so substantially evinced by repeated editions of the work, that its character may be considered as permanently established. Its plan is excellent. The answer to each question is given in the language of scripture; so that while the learner is taught the great truths of the Christian system, he is, at the same time, made familiar with the proof texts, upon which they rest. Some of these texts, indeed, are not the most apposite; they are not such as I should have employed; but, in discharging the humble duties of an editor, I have not deemed myself at liberty to introduce any changes into the work, and have, therefore, left them as I found them. This circumstance, however, does not detract from the general merit of the Exposition. It is eminently worthy of the attention of all who are engaged in imparting or receiving religious instruction, and will prove a valuable auxiliary to parents, Sunday-school teachers, and even ministers of the gospel. Nowhere else will they find, within so small a compass, a more clear and comprehensive exhibition of the "doctrine of Christ."

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