Hymn Faith 'tis a precious grace

This is number 165 in the hymn book. W R Stevenson in Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology (1907) suggests that the hymn was inspired by a line from the poetry of the Baptist writer Anne Dutton 1698-1765 published in 1734.
Faith! - 'tis a precious grace,
Where'er it is bestow'd;
It boasts of a celestial birth,
And is the gift of God.

2 Jesus it owns a King,
An all-atoning Priest:
It claims no merit of its own,
But looks for all in Christ.

3 To him it leads the soul,
When fill'd with deep distress; 
Flies to the fountain of his blood,
And trusts his righteousness.

4 Since 'tis thy work alone,
And that divinely free;
Lord, send the Spirit of thy Son
To work this faith in me!

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