Snooke's Sedan Chair

Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum has an 18th-century Sedan chair, acquired as a gift in 1955 from Mrs Treseder-Griffin and her sister, great great granddaughters of the original owner, William Snooke 1730-1799 who lived at Bourton-on-the Water.
In his diaries he mentions,
'Mrs Beddows first event out since her lying-in. She had our sedan chair.' (14th February 1768)
'Visited Mr and Mrs Raymonde. Mrs Snooke came home in the sedan.' (19th September 1768)
This particular chair was privately owned, as opposed to those available for public hire. It is made of black leather, with green damask cushions and curtains. The carrying poles are missing, but all the internal fittings are original, including the adjustable seat. It was probably made in London, or could have been copied from a London chair by a local coach maker.
Did Beddome ever get a ride in it one wonders?

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