Beddome Library Contents 18

171. Burroughs, Jeremiah, c 1600-1646 The glorious name of God, the Lord of Hosts
172. Rogers, John, 1627-1665? Dod or Chathan, The beloved; or, The bridegroom going forth for his bride
173.  Blackwood, Christopher 1606-1670 Expositions and sermons upon the ten first chapters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Matthew
174. Camden, William, 1551-1623 Remaines, concerning Britaine but especially England and the inhabitants thereof
175. Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635 Light from heaven: discovering the fountaine opened. Angels acclamations, etc
176 (a). Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704 A golden mine opened: or, The glory of God's rich grace displayed in the mediator to believers
176 (b). Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704 The marrow of true justification: or, Justification without works
176(c). Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704 God acknowledged: or The true interest of the nation, and all that fear God
177. Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703 A demonstration of the Messias: In which the truth of the Christian religion is defended, etc. Pt III
178. Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. Three tractates: the devout soul,The free prisoner, The remedie of, etc 179. Robinson, Ralph, 1614-1655. Christ all in all
180. Smith, Samuel, 1620-1698 The character of a weaned Christian or The evangelical art of promoting self-denial

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