Beddome LIbrary Contents 21

201. Petto, Samuel, 1624?-1711 The difference between the old and new covenant stated and explained
202. Scudder, Henry, -1659? The Christians daily vvalke in holy securitie and peace
203. Wale, Anton van, 1573-1639 Blessed rest for the burthened sinner Or the only center of the soul
204. Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647 The soules possession of Christ Bed
205. Hopwood, John, preacher 1676 Blessed rest for the burthened sinner
206. Williams, Daniel, 1643?-1716 The excellency of a publick spirit
207 (a) Chauncy, Isaac, 1632-1712 The divine institution of congregational churches, ministry ...
207 (b) Chauncy, Isaac, 1632-1712 A discourse concerning unction, and washing of feet
208.  Heywood, Oliver, 1629/30-1702 A treatise of Christ's intercession; grounded upon Isa LIII.12
209. Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665 A vindication, or further confirmation of some other Scriptures, produced to prove the divinity of Jesus Christ
210. Owen, John, 1616-1683 Of schisme: the true nature of it discovered and considered.
[Provenance name: Beddome, Benjamin, 1717-1795. - Provenance name: Jackson, Ellen, active 1710. - Provenance name: Williams, Thomas. - Provenance note: Endpaper inscription: Benja. Beddome perfect Mense 7bris 1782. - Provenance note: Endpaper inscription: Thos. Williams his Book 1745/6. - Provenance note: Back endpaper inscription: Ellen Jackson her book 1710.]

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