Beddome Library Contents 20

191. Shepard, Thomas,1605-1649 The sound beleever Or, A treatise of evangelicall conversion
192 (a). Collinges, John,1623-1690 Five lessons for a Christian to learne Or, The summe of severall sermons
192 (b). Skelton, Anne Comforts against the fear of death (plus funeral sermon by Collinges)
192 (c) Collinges, John,1623-1690 Faith & experience or, A short narration of the holy life and death of Mary Simpson
193. Culverwel, Nathanael, d.1651? An elegant and learned discourse of the light of nature with severall other treatises
194. Sclater, William,1575-1626 An exposition with notes upon the First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians
195. Rogers, John,1572?-1636 The doctrine of faith, wherin are practicallie handled twelve principall points
196. R P (Robert Perrot) England's present, great, and most incumbent duty viz to meet God in the way of his judgments
197. Marlow, Isaac 1649-1719 A treatise of the Holy Trinunity [sic]
198. Capel, Richard, 1586-1656 Tentations: their nature, danger, cure
199. Robinson, Ralph,1614-1655 Panoplia. Universa arma. Hieron Or, The Christian compleatly armed: being a treatise of the Christians armour
200. Byfield, Nicholas,1579-1622 The marrow of the oracles of God Or Divers treatises

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