Beddome Library Contents 20

191. Shepard, Thomas,1605-1649 The sound beleever Or, A treatise of evangelicall conversion
192 (a). Collinges, John,1623-1690 Five lessons for a Christian to learne ...
192 (b). Skelton, Anne Comforts against the fear of death (plus funeral sermon by Collinges)
192 (c) Collinges, John,1623-1690 Faith & experience or, A short narration of the holy life and death of Mary Simpson
193. Culverwel, Nathanael, d.1651? An elegant and learned discourse of the light of nature, etc
194. Sclater, William,1575-1626 An exposition with notes upon the First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians
195. Rogers, John,1572?-1636 The doctrine of faith, wherin are practicallie handled twelve ...
196. R P (Robert Perrot) England's present, great, and most incumbent duty viz to meet God ...
197. Marlow, Isaac 1649-1719 A treatise of the Holy Trinunity [sic]
198. Capel, Richard, 1586-1656 Tentations: their nature, danger, cure
199. Robinson, Ralph,1614-1655 Panoplia. Universa arma. Hieron Or, The Christian compleatly armed ...
200. Byfield, Nicholas,1579-1622 The marrow of the oracles of God Or Divers treatises

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