Bernard Foskett 1685-1758

Bernard Foskett (1685-1758) was very close to the Beddome family. At his funeral on September 21, 1758, at his own request, the six pall bearers were all Bristol graduates - Beddome, Benjamin Fuller (d c 1753) a minister at Devizes, Wiltshire; Thomas Flower (1706-1767) of Cirencester, Gloucestershire; John Tommas (1723-1800) of the Pithay, Bristol; Robert Day (1720-1790) of Wellington, Somerset, where he was from and Abraham Larwill (c 1730-1760) of Frome, Somerset, originally from Bampton. (John) Beddome was asked to speak at the funeral but declined. Hugh Evans (1712-1781) spoke.

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