Moorfields Academy Contemporaries

The Academy was founded 1695 with Thomas Goodwin being appointed first tutor in 1687. He was followed by Isaac Chauncey (1701), Thomas Ridgely (1712) then Eames, 1734-1744. David Jennings followed, 1744-1762, when it moved to Hoxton, making use of Daniel Williams’ house. There a later academy from Mile End superseded it (1790) under Robert Simpson. That academy moved in turn to Highbury (1825), then merged with Coward and Homerton to form New College, Finchley Road (1850).
At least 43 students entered the academy between 1739 and 1744. Beddome's contemporaries probably included
Meredith Townsend 1715-1801 supported by the Particular Baptist Fund though he became Paedobaptist. He pastored a church in Stoke Newington.
Isaac Kimber 1692-1755 who was also supported by the Particular Baptist Fund though a General Baptist
Humphrey Gainsborough 1718-1776 Independent pastor in Henley, father of the artist Thomas Gainsborough
Thomas Gibbons 1720-1785 who lectured at Mile End and Homerton Academies from 1754
Israel Lewis 1717-1770 Welsh born minister of the Presbyterian church in Maidstone, Kent
Also it is possible that he was alongside the hymn writer Joseph Grigg 1720-1768 plus a David Muir, a William Wright and a Gervase Wylde, all of whom are otherwise unknown.
Other possible contemporaries at the Academy include John Conder 1714-1781, Ebenezer Cornell c.1715-1763, Evan Davies c.1694-1770, Thomas Harmer 1714-1788, John Howard c.1726-1790, john Kiddle c.1720-1810, William Moth d c 1744, Edward Pickard 1714-1778, Samuel Pike c.1717-1773, Thomas Saville d 1769, Isaac Toms 1710-1801, Thomas Towle c.1724-1806, Field Sylvester Wadsworth c.1717-1759 and James Webb c.1707-1782.

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