Six hymns not in the collection

These six hymns appeared in The Baptist Annual Registry in 1801 and do not appear to have made it into the final collection



Exodus iii. 4.—And when the Lord saw, etc.
WITH true devotion come,
And stand before the Lord;
With earnestness invoke his aid,
With rev'rence hear his word.

2 Look well unto your feet,
Lest you should step aside:
Take heed of indolence and sloth,
Hypocrisy and pride.

3 Of wand'ring eyes and thoughts,
Of idle words beware:
Watch every motion of the heart,
And keep your lips with care.

4. Where God his presence grants,
No evil should be found;
Sin should be banish’d far from thence,
For 'tis his holy ground.

BEHOLD the burning bush,
A glorious type of Christ;
Who his own soul an off'ring made,
And was himself the priest.

2 The bush tho' all on fire,
Yet unconsum’d remains;
Thus he endur'd God's fiercest wrath,
And death's acutest pains.

3 Yet from the dreary grave,
Did Christ the conq'ror rise;
And he, who suffered here below,
Now reigns above the skies.

Exodus x. 16, 17.— Then Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron in haste, etc.
PHARAOH, and Saul and others have
Confest how vile they've been;
And yet their hearts were unrenew'd,
And lust bare rule within.

2 They promis'd fair, but soon forgot
The promises they made:
And when thy rod was once remov’d,
They ceas'd to be afraid.

3 Almighty God, thy piercing eye
My inmost thoughts surveys;
Purge from hypocrisy and guile
My heart and all my ways.

WITH warm affections let us come
Before the Lord our God;
Tremble beneath his threaten’d wrath,
And his uplifted rod:

2 Sue for the pardon of our sins,
So many and so great;
And seek the tokens of his love
Before it is too late.

3 With bitter eyes and flowing tears,
Let us his grace implore,
And when that grace is once obtained,
Let us offend no more.

Exodus xxviii. 36.- Holiness to the Lord.
INSCRIB'D upon my heart,
And ev'ry thing I do,
Let holiness unto the Lord
Appear in open view.

2 This Aaron's motto was;
O be it also mine;
Whilst justice, truth, and piety
In my whole conduct shine.

3 Thus placing all my hope
On Jesu's pard'ning blood
With courage, strength, and steadiness
I'll tread the heavenly road.

AH more benign than morning's azure sky,
Late from the wrath of midnight tempers freed,
Than tear drops streaming from compassion's eye,
When at her feet the sons of fortitude bleed.

Yes, more benign, more sweet, the bated breath, -
Diffusive wafted from Britannia's Isle
That calls her children from the sickle death,
To her own vales, that cloth'd with pleasure smile.

'Twas he that bids the rage of battle cease:
In her deep wound the healing pour'd;
And with the breath of everlasting peace
Hush'd the wild waves of discord as they roar’d.

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