In the past we have referred to Beddome's mother Rachel (nee Brandon) c 1676-1758 and made reference to her will. We suggested that the source of the financial outlay to buy the family home in Alcester was perhaps from her side.

We have stated that she was the daughter of Mercy Neckless (d 1726) and Benjamin Brandon, a London silversmith said to be in an illegitimate line from Charles Brandon, first Duke of Suffolk and brother-in-law by marriage to Henry VIII (Cf Haykin, British Particular Baptists Vol 1, 169; Rippon, 314).
A Beddome descendant who makes contact from time to time has recently supplied me with a number of details in connection with this Mercy Neckless or Nicholas that she and others have uncovered.
She mentions that Mercy and Charles married at St James, Dukes Place (a parish church in Aldgate) in 1689. She also reveals that Mercy's mother (Benjamin's great grandmother) must have been Sarah Nicholas.
This Sarah was born Geary, Gery or Geere and married three times before her death around 1700. She married
1. Andrew Eve
2. Holborn butcher John Nicholas (to whom Andrew Eve had been apprenticed)
3. James Gosslin or Gosling.
In the obituary essay for Beddome in the Baptist Register there is a footnote that says that "Sir Thomas Geary and old Mrs Brandon, Mr Benjamin Beddome's mother's grandmother, were either brothers' or sisters' children".
This led researchers to conclude that Sarah's father (Benjamin's great great grandfather) must have been William Gery, uncle to Sir Thomas, brother to Richard Gery, Thomas Geary's father.
Sarah Geere's great grandmother was an Elizabeth Cavendish who was 'a gentlewoman to the privy chamber of Queen Elizabeth and 'aunt to the old Countess of Shrewsbury', that is the redoubtable Bess of Hardwick. This would mean that Elizabeth Cavendish was an aunt to Sir William Cavendish, Bess's second husband.

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