The Bengeworth Association 1761

Minutes of the Association
Tuesday Evening the Messengers being met, some Time was spent in prayer, the Letters from the Churches read, their Contents minutely consider'd, Minutes taken for the circular Letter, and Bro. [John] Ash desir'd to draw it up.
The public meeting on Wednesday was open'd by our Bro. [Benjamin] Francis and Bro. Ash follow'd in Prayer. Bro. [Joshua?] Thomas preach'd from Eph. 3:8, Bro. [James] Turner, preach'd from 2. Cor. 12-14 - and Bro. Beddome concluded in Prayer. The same Evening the circular Letter was read, and Prayer concluded the whole Solemnity,
In all the churches, which constitute our Association, there are 596 Members. 17 have been remov'd by Death the past Year, and 10 have been added by Baptism.
Next Association to be at Warwick, to meet on Tuesday in the Whitsun week at the Marlborough's Head. Messrs. [Nathaniel?] Overbury and [Philip] Jones to preach. In case of failure Brother [John] M'Gowan to supply the Place of either.

Beddome was the Moderator on this occasion.

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