The Tewkesbury Association 1763

On Monday Evening the Messengers being met, some Time was spent in Prayer; the Letters from the Churches read; and when Minutes were taken for the Circular Letter, our Brother [John] Haydon was desired to draw it up.
The public Meeting on Tuesday, was opened by Brother [John] Reynolds; Brother [James] Turner proceeded in Prayer; Brother Butterworth preached from Jer. xvii. 9.
Brother [John] Knight [Warwick] then prayed, and Brother [John] Poynting preached from Psalm lxxxix. 15. and Brother [Philip] Jones concluded in Prayer.
The next Morning the Circular Letter was read and approved, and Brother [Nathaniel] Overbury closed the Solemnity with Prayer.
The next Association to be at Birmingham, to meet on Monday Evening, Messrs. Beddome and [John] Ash to preach, and in Case of Failure Mr. [John] Haydon.
Put up at the Castle.

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