The Birmingham Association 1764

On Monday Evening, the Messengers being met, some Time was improved in Prayer, and the Letters from the several Churches read. A private Meeting for Prayer and Conference, relative to the Affairs of the Churches, was held on Tuesday Morning. The publick Meeting was opened at 10 o'Clock by Brother John Butterworth; [1727-1803, Coventry] Brother James Butterworth [d 1794?? Bromsgrove] proceeded in Prayer; Brother Beddome preached from 2 Cor. i. 14.; Brother [John] Knight [Warwick, from Moreton in Devon then Cork] then prayed; Brother [John] Ash [c 1724-1779 Pershore] preached from Acts viii. 5, 6, 7, 8; and Brother [Philip] Jones [d 1771 Upton] concluded in Prayer, and dismissed the Assembly.
We met together the same Evening for Prayer, and to review the State of the Churches, and appointed Brother [James] Turner to draw up the Circular Letter. On Wednesday Morning the Circular Letter was read, and approved, and the Moderator [John Poynting 1719-1791, Worcester] closed the Solemnity with Prayer.
The next Association to be at Bourton on the Water; to meet on Tuesday Evening in the Whitsun Week. Brother [James] Turner [1726-1780, Birmingham] and Brother [John] M'Gowan [1726-1780, Bridgnorth] to preach, and in Case of Failure, Brothers [Isaac] Woodman [d 1777, Sutton in the Elms] or [Daniel or Joshua] Thomas. [Henley-in-Arden or Leominster]
N. B. As it hath pleased God to remove out of this World of Sin and Sorrow our beloved Brother, John Overbury, and as the Church late under his Care, is by this affecting Providence, left destitute; we earnestly entreat the Sister Associate Churches, to give them all the Assistance in their Power; not only by their Counsels and Prayers, but by sending them Supplies.

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