The Bourton on the Water Association 1765

It was desired by one of the Churches that Professors should be caution'd against such an intermeddling with the Affairs of State as might lead them to speak evil of Dignities and censure those Things which they do not and perhaps cannot understand.
It was also requested by another Church that a Word might be dropp'd against unsettled Notions in Religion, that We might not be carried about with divers and strange Doctrines, but seek after that good Thing, an Heart establish'd by Grace.
It was also moved by one of the Brethren, that Members of Churches might be exhorted to gain some skill in the Art of Singing, in order to join in that delightful part of publick Worship, not leaving it to be chiefly or alone perform'd by the graceless Part of the Affembly.
In all which Requests We heartily concur, and therefore would recommend the Things before mention’d to your serious Consideration.
On Tuesday Evening the Messengers being met, the Letters from the Churches were read, and the Opportunity was both begun and concluded with Prayer.
Wednesday Morning Directions were given for the drawing up of the Circular Letter, and Brother Beddome being desir’d to perform that Service, some Time was spent in Prayer.
The same Day the publick Meeting was opened by Brother [Benjamin] Francis, Brother [John] Ash proceeded in Prayer, Brother [John] MGowan preach'd from Psalm xlv. and 13. Verse, The King's Daughter is all glorious within; her Cloathing is of wrought Gold. Brother Caleb Evans then pray'd, Brother [James] Turner preach'd from Romans iv. and 20. Verse He stagger'd not at the Promise of God through Unbelief; but was strong in Faith, giving Glory to God. And Brother [Philip] Jones concluded in Prayers.
In the Evening We had a Sermon upon Acts xi. 22, 23 and 24 Verses, from Brotber [Benjamin] Wallen of London.
The next Morning the Circular Letter was. read and approv'd, and Brother Beddome clos'd the Meeting in Prayer.
The next Association to be at Hooknorton, to meet on Monday Evening in the Whitsun Week, Brother [Thomas] Skinner and Brother James Butterworth to preach in Case of Failure of either Brother [Isaac] Woodman. Call at Mr. [Benjamin] Whitmore's.

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