The Bromsgrove Association 1768

It is the desire of the Church of Bewdley, that the seven Churches in Association would consider their present destitute case and afford them what assistance they can, which we think their duty.
On Tuesday evening the Messengers being met, the letters from the Churches were read, and the opportunity was both begun and concluded with prayer. Wednesday morning was spent in prayer, reading letters, and settling the service of the day. At ten o'clock Brother Beddome opened the meeting by prayer; Brother [Benjamin] Whitmore preached from Eph. ii. 8. By grace are ye saved; and Brother Lawrence Butterworth concluded the morning service. In the afternoon Brother [James] Turner introduced the meeting by singing and prayer; Brother [John] Pointing preached from Psalm cxxxii, 16. I will also clothe her priests with falvation, and her faints shall fhout aloud for joy. Brother [John] Ash concluded the solemnity with prayer.
It is the unanimous request of the ministers that Brother [John] Pointing's sermon be published, and we doubt not but you will give it the encouragement it merits. In the evening the Circular Letter was read and approv'd, and Brother [John] Butterworth of Coventry concluded with Prayer.
In the last Year were

Added to all churches 16
Dead 16
Dismiss'd 1
Excluded 1

The next Association to be at Upton-upon-Severn, to meet on Tuesday Evening in the Whitsun Week. Brother [James] Turner and Brother [Thomas] Skinner, to preach; and in case of failure, Brother 
Lawrence Butterworth. Put up at the Talbot.

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