The Alcester Association 1771

On Tuesday Evening, the Messengers being met, some little time as usual was improved in Prayer; our Brother B. Beddome chosen Moderator, the Letters read; the State of the associated Churches represented in them considered; and the Meeting concluded in Prayer.
The Morning Meeting on Wednesday was improved in Prayer, and settling the State of the Churches. At 10 o'Clock Brother Beddome opened the public Service: Brother [Thomas] Hillier followed in Prayer: Brother [Daniel or Joshua] Thomas preached from Eph. iv. 5 One Faith. And Brother [James] Turner concluded in Prayer.
Át 2 o'Clock Brother [John] Ash opened the public Meeting with Singing and Prayer: Brother [John] Poynting preached from Acts xvi. 17. These Men are the Servants of the most High God, who few unto me the Way of Salvation. And Brother [John] MacGowan concluded in Prayer,
The same Evening, the Circular Letter was read, approved by the Assembly, and signed by the Moderator: And Brother John Butterworth [1727-1803 Coventry] concluded the whole in Prayer.
Baptised in several churches 28
Dead 15
Excluded 1
Total Increase 16
The next Association to be at Leominster: Brother [James] Turner and Brother [Thomas] Skinner to preach; in Case of Failure; Brown then [Thomas] Hillier. Put up at the Three Horse-Shoes.

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