The Pershore Association 1773

On Tuesday Evening the Messengers of the Churches, through the Kindness of Providence arrived in safety, and after a little Time improved in Prayer, Brother [Joshua] THOMAS was Chosen Moderator, and the Letters were read, and their Contents considered: Different causes of Joy and Sorrow, we hope, made correspondent Impressions on our Hearts. We thank the Fountain of all Goodness, the Churches are in Peace, are all provided with Ministers and Plenty of the Means. Complaints we have heard, and Complaints we shall continue to hear while in the Body. The most Pious Person: and purest Church in the Present State, will have daily cause to Cry, “My Leanness! my Leanness!”. This Opportunity was concluded by Prayer. 
We met again the next, Morning at Six o'Clock to spread your Wants and ours before the Lord: Brother [John] Ash was desired to produce the Circular Letter, which he did, and it was read and approved. At half past Ten the Public Service was introduced by our Brother [William] Wills [Eversholt, Beds] with Singing and Prayer: Brother [Thomas] SKINNER proceeded in Prayer; Brother BEDDOME Preached from James 1. 26. This Man's Religion is vain: Brother JAMES BUTTERWORTHI concluded the Morning Service.
At half past Two o'Clock Brother L. BUTTERWORTH opened the Public Meeting with Singing and Prayer; Brother [James] TURNER succeeded him; Brother [Thomas] HILLER Preached from 2 Cor. 2. 16. To the one we are the Savour of Death unto Death; and to the other, the Savour of Life unto Life: And who is sufficient for these Things? Brother [John] POYNTING concluded the Service by Prayer. The Messengers made a short Stay, and Brother Ash closed the whole Business of the Association by Prayer.
At half past Six in the Evening Brother [Joshua] THOMAS Preached a Sermon from Heb. 4.7. To Day if ye will hear his Voice:
The Present State of the Associated Churches,

The ADDITIONS this Year
Baptized 43 Received by Letter 7

Dead 25
Excluded 5
Dismissed 8
The next Association to be at Bengworth, to meet on Tuesday Evening in the Whitsun Week: Put up at the UNICORN. Our Brethren [John] POYNTING and [Thomas?] [William] Wills to Preach; in Case of Failure Brother JAMES BUTTERWORTH.
AGREED, That the Messengers present their Sincerest Thanks to the Author of the "Address to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity,” &c. for his Noble and able Defence of some of the Fundamental Doctrines of Religion; and sincerely. With his Labours may be crowned with Success.
[Ambrose Serle 1742-1812]
AGREED, To hold a Day of Fasting and Prayer among all the Churches of this Association, the last whole Week in this Month, and that every Church observe that Day of the Week which is most Convenient: The Situation of the Poor, and of Trade in the Nation, loudly call for it.

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