The Dudley Association 1775

On Tuesday evening the Messengers arrived in safety, and chosen Moderator, and the Letters from the several Churches were read; the contents of which were considered. In several of them some notice was taken of the situation of things between America and the Mother Country, particularly to urge the necessity of a Day of Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer, that it may please God to have mercy on us, to pardon our fins, and put a speedy ftop to our unhappy disputes: That our privileges may be continued to us, and we enabled to value and improve them more to the glory of God, and our own good.
We met again on Wednesday morning at 6 o'clock for prayer. Brother [James] TURNER produced the Circular Letter, which was read and approved. At 10 o'clock the Public Meeting was introduced by singing, Brother [Thomas] HILIER praying, Brother [William] Wills [Eversholt, Beds] preached from Col. iv, 2. and brother [Thomas] SKINNER concluded the morning service. At 2 o'clock the Public Meeting was introduced as before. Brother Smith prayed, Brother [John] Ash preached from Mark xvi. 15. and Brother [Daniel or Joshua] Thomas concluded by prayer. We had another service in the evening introduced by singing; Brother LOAD prayed, Brother Law. BUTTERWORTH preached from Acts xvii. 32. and concluded the service of the day by prayer. Met again next morning for prayer and tome private business, and the Moderator concluded the Association by prayer.
The present State of the Churches
Added this year
Baptized 90
Received by Letter 15
Lost by
Death 15
Dismission 12
Exclusion 2
Total increase            76

AGREED to hold a day of fasting and prayer to implore the interposition of Divine Providence to put a stop to the unhappy disputes between the Mother Country and the Colonies, that the effusion of human blood may be prevented, and peace established on a just and lasting foundation.
The next Association to be at Tewkesbury, to meet on Monday evening in the Whitsun week. Our Brethren BEDDOME and [Thomas] SKINNER to preach; in case of failure, Brother [Joshua or possibly Daniel] THOMAS,
Put up at the Fleece.

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