The Birmingham Association 1777

The Messengers, thro' the goodness of God, arrived in safety. At 6 o'clock we met together as usual. Brother [John] SANDYS [d 1803 Shrewsbury] was requested to introduce the solemnity by prayer. Brother L. BUTTERWORTH was chosen MODERATOR, the Letters from the several Churches were read, and their contents considered. Many of them contained expressions of deep concern on account of the War with America; as also very fervent wishes that it may please God to restore peace and lasting friendship to them and to us. And that our liberties and our loyally may remain, according to the will of God! - One Letter strenuously recommended the necessity of inculcating the solemn duties of religion; and that of Baptism in particular, so much opposed. It was thought all lovers of Jesus should be stirred up to follow him in all his ordinances. This opportunity was closed by Brother [John] Cooper [Bratton, Wilts]
Wednesday morning at 6 o'clock we met again for prayer. Our Brethren [Joshua or Daniel] THOMAS, T. SKINNER, LOAD, SKINNER and [John] MASON [1706-1763 Cheshunt] were engaged, Brother [James] TURNER produced the Circulating Letter, which was read and approved.
The public meeting began at 10 o'clock. Brother [William] CLARKE [1732-1795] from London prayed, Brother [James] DORE preached from 1 Cor. 9. 9. For I determined not to know any thing among you save Jesus Christ and him crucified; Brother BEDDOME concluded the morning service. The afternoon service was introduced by Brother [John] Ash, Brother [Thomas] HILLER preached from Acts 16, 17. These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation; and the MODERATOR concluded by prayer. We met again in the evening. Brother [William] Wills [Eversholt, Beds] began in prayer, Brother [Samuel] MEDLEY [1738-1799 Liverpool] preached from Psalm 68, 20. He that is our God, is the God of salvation; and unto God the Lord. belong the issues from death; and closed the whole by prayer..

The present day of the Churches: 
Added this year 
Baptized 35
Received by Letter 5
Total                40
Lost by
Death 21
Dismission 3
Total 24
Total Increase 16. 
N. B. The Church at Cirencester joined this Association and sent a Letter and Messenger.
The next Association to be at WARWICK, to meet on Tuesday in the Whitsun-week. Our Brethren BEDDOME and Ash to preach; in case of failure Brother J(ohn or James). BUTTERWORTH. Put up at the Three Tuns.

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