The Warwick Association 1778

B R E V I A T E S.
Most of the Messengers arrived in safety on Tuesday evening, and after some time spent in prayer, Brother [James] Turner was chosen MODERATOR, the Letters from the several Churches were read, minutes taken, and their contents considered. In general, the Churches are in peace, and we hope have the truth amongst them, and love it. Several Letters make mention of the state of public affairs, and recommended fasting and prayer, as highly necessary at the present awful crisis, that God may be pleased in mercy to remember us, reform and bless us. This opportunity was closed by prayer.
We met again next morning for prayer. One of the Brethren produced the Circular Letter, which was read and approved, At ten o'clock the public service was introduced by singing and prayer by Brother [Thomas] Hiller; Brother Beddome preached from 1 Kings xviii. 17. Art thou he that troubleth Israel? and Brother [Robert] Hall [1728-1791 Arnesby] concluded the morning service.-At two o'clock the service was introduced as before; Brother (John) SUTCLIFF [1752-1815] prayed; Brother [John] Ash preached from 2 Cor. iv. 3. And if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are losi; and Brother (Caleb) EVANS concluded by prayer. - We met again in the evening, six o'clock;- Brother LAWRENCE BUTTERWORTH prayed, Brother [James] Dore preached from Luke viii. 18. Take heed therefore how you hear; and closed the solemnities of the Association by prayer.
The present STATE of the CHURCHES.
Added this year Baptised 55

                           Death            21
Lost by               Dismission    1
                           Exclusion      6


Total Increase                             27

Agreed; to keep a Day of Fasting and Prayer between the Hay and Corn Harvests, on such days as may be most convenient to the Churches.
The Association next year to be at Cirencesier; our Brethren [John] Poynting and L. BUTTERWORTH to preach; in case of failure, Brother Ash.
Put up at the RAM.

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