In his Scriptural Exposition of the Baptism Catechism, we read
Quest CIII Who are the proper subjects of this ordinance? [Communion]
Ans They who have been baptized upon a personal profession of their faith in Jesus Christ and repentance from dead works (Beddome, A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptism Catechism by Way of Question and Answer, 2nd edn, corrected [Bristol: W. Pine, 1776, originally published 1752], 169).
There have been some assertions that, in later years, Beddome embraced mixed communion (B.R. White, “Open and Closed Membership Among English and Welsh Baptists,” Baptist Quarterly 24.7 [July 1972], 332; cf. Naylor, Calvinism, Communion, and the Baptists, 54).

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