Medical References in Sermons 06

In the case of the sermon Christ the physician of souls on Matthew 9:21, the whole sermon is marked by illustrations drawn from Beddome's medical background. The sermon begins

The Son of Man came not to be ministered to but to minister and as he travelled from place to place various were the applications made to him for relief and none of them unsuccessful. The woman spoken of in my text had been afflicted with a severe disease for twelve years which wasted her strength and exhausted her spirits. The person concerning whom she speaks was the blessed Jesus who had in innumerable instances displayed his wisdom grace and power in the case of the most obstinate and inveterate maladies with which mankind could be afflicted and he does so still, his agency should be no less acknowledged in the blessing a medicine to the restoration of health than in the working a miracle for that purpose and to him the relieved should ever ascribe the praise. Who healeth all my diseases says the Psalmist. Art thou in health, give the glory to him to whom it is due; art thou sick, apply to him who hath healed those whom other physicians have been unable to relieve. In another place it is said of this same woman that she had spent all her substance in seeking relief but could not obtain it. ....

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