Medical References in Sermons 05

It is said that Beddome would often turn to the world of medicine for an apt illustration in his preaching.

Example 5

God the supreme disposer of human affairs Psalm 31:15

Any singular appearances of God either in a way of wrath or mercy.
There is a time to wound and a time to heal a time to cast down and a time to build up. Thus David pleading with God for Zion's deliverance says, The time to favour her even the set time is come. As there is a decree goes forth for the sinner's destruction so also for the saint's deliverance and the one can no more be resisted than the other. The purpose promise and fulfilment exactly answer each other. Our times are in God's hand, our times of sickness and recovery, whether the one be short or long, moderate or severe or the other be sudden or gradual. Of this we have a remarkable instance in the case of Hezekiah.

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